Company  History



Ray Hockstein, Loui Litman, Herb Rudes, Father Rod


Robert "Bobby" Rudes


Robert and Mark Rudes

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     Founded on August 15, 1929 Beyer Lightning Fish Company  has seen little change in the way the market conducts its business over the past 70 years.   Instead of fish arriving by horse drawn cart, it arrives by refrigerated truck.  Rather than fish landing directly at the piers in the market, they are landed in local markets around the world and fly first class to arrive at the Fulton Fish Market in time for the next days' business.  The method of displaying and selling has gone virtually unchanged in over two hundred years.  Customers shop around in the open market for the best quality and then in a time honored tradition, haggle for the best prices they can get.  The haggling has remained the same but the variety of languages has changed a great deal over the years.